What if I Never Run a PR Again? and other scary stories to tell in the dark

Shortly after I had completed my first marathon in 2:50:01, a runner friend of mine said, "just imagine what you could do if running was all you did." I said no. I said there is no way that running full time would ever work for me. I said that I would probably get injured, that I would be miserable if I wasn't racing well, and that I would feel like a waste to society. The truth was that I was scared. What if he was right? What if I had un-tapped talent and a limited window of opportunity? Even worse, though, what if I went all in and it didn't pay off? How would people judge me? How would I judge myself? I've been sitting on some comments that someone made recently, saying that it se

20 Years of Running and Still So Much to Learn

TLDR; I DNF'd a race this weekend that in retrospect probably should have been a DNS. This Spring season of racing and training has showed me I still have so much learn about this sport, even though I have been competing for nearly 20 years. If you know nothing about me, you should know that I am not a people pleaser. On the plus side of this, I have a small number of intensely cool, like-minded close friends. On the down side of this, most people are people-pleasers, so they view my actions through their own lens and don't always understand where I am coming from. I guess I am more of a hedonist, and someone who focuses primarily on her own happiness. At mile 6 of yesterday's US 25k Cha

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