I Don't Own a Garmin: My Quest to be the Patron Saint of Data-Free Runners

Roughly once a month one of my athletes asks for help programming a workout into a Garmin. I am useless in these requests. I always have to explain that I don't own a Garmin and therefore, have no clue how to help them. I'm then met with incredulousness and the following questions: how do you know how fast you're running!? how do you know how far you ran?? WHY?! I refrain from sharing that I also don't have a Strava (well, I do, but I haven't manually updated it in a few years and I think I have 9 followers) or that I don't keep a training log anymore. I have no idea what my resting heart rate was today, or how much I weighed this morning. The truth? I haven't always been data-free. I

When Life Gives you Lemons, Plan an Altitude Trip

It's crazy that my last blog post was 3 months ago and SO MUCH has changed, yet SO MUCH has stayed the same. Quick recap: My last blog was after a very, very, VERY disappointing Spring. Low ferritin reared its ugly head in Feb/March, I was making a good comeback in April, and then the virus that knocked out half of Indy struck me and I was completely out for 2 weeks - unfortunately including my goal race (25K US Champs). But, as all setbacks provide, I had time to reflect and make changes. Moving forward I knew I needed: -a new plan -to be more intentional in training -to get faster -to be proactive about blood work After Philly the plan had been for me to get on the track in the Spring to

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