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Thank you to the wonderful writers who have shared my stories!


11/29/2018 - Michigan City News Dispatch Weber Still Chasing Olympic Dream

11/28/2018 - Oiselle blog Anna Weber's Philly Marathon Reccap

6/24/2016 - A LaPorte County Life in the Spotlight

6/13/2016 - Anna Weber Made a Difficult Decision that Paid off Big podcast

2/9/2016 - Limestone Post Magazine B-Town Marathoner To Compete in Olympic Trials on Saturday


2/9/2016 - Indiana Daily Student Chemistry Student Preparing to Compete in Olympic Trials on Saturday


2/8/2016 - Heel Striker 954 Interview with Anna Weber


11/6/2015 - South Bend Tribune Anna Weber named USATF Athlete of the Month


11/2/2015  -  USATF Indiana Press Release Weber Named October Athlete of the Month


10/21/2015 - Oiselle blog Get to know Anna Weber


10/14/2015 - NWI Times Michigan City grad Weber on an Olympic Quest


10/11/2015 - Michigan City News Dispatch Running Dreams


10/18/2014 - Michigan City News Dispatch City grad Anna Weber training for Olympics

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